About Buoyant Data

Buoyant Data specializes in analyzing Databricks and AWS usage to provide cost optimization and consulting. Our customized tooling can help you understand where your data platform is realizing its potential, and where inefficiencies are dragging your velocity and budgets downward.

As a small consultancy, our objective is to help set customers on the right path to success rather than construct long-running engagements. We believe that the most successful changes are those which are learned and incorporated into your organization's DNA.

Our services include:

  • Cost Monitoring: Monitoring and alerting for data infrastructure to ensure that the data platform delivers value while staying within the budget.
  • Data Architecture Consulting: Guidance for Databricks and Delta Lake deployments to ensure the highest performance to cost ratio.
  • Infrastructure Optimization: Review of already deployed data infrastructure to squeeze faster queries and lower cost out your current platform.

You can learn about these on our Services page.

In the media

Periodically we will share presentations, interviews, or blog posts with helpful tips on working within the data ecosystem. In addition to updates our blog you can find a selection of videos and links below:

Data and AI Summit 2022

Data and AI Summit 2021